The following are links to sites whose people/source material I have referred to
or studied with in depth, with short explanatory descriptions:  

Rebecca Moravec’s website—Master Teacher in many areas, animal communicator, Reiki teacher

Animas Valley Institute and Bill Plotkin, author of 3 books and founder of AVI-exploring the depths of soul
and healing through nature-based retreats  

Tricia Eldridge is the founder of the Energy Touch School, Master Teacher, healer  

English poet and philosopher, author  

Author, teacher, environmentalist  

Groundbreaking work that allows us to see our role as humans who can directly impact the planet’s future—
as developed and taught by Joanna Macy  

Marta Barreras is a Feng Shui Master Consultant/Teacher incorporating the energy of powerful crystals like citrine, amethyst, rose quartz, etc.

Center for Action and Contemplation and Fr. Richard Rohr - speaker, author, founder of the Living School
for Action and Contemplation

developed Unleash the Power Within, Life Mastery, Date with Destiny etc. life coach, motivational speaker, author

personal transformational work worldwide